We need a new Age of Enlightenment or the Earth will Die


In my apartment in Colorado, the wind is howling as it drags through the courtyard in between the two buildings that surround it

Water condensing in the air will soon bring a snowy blast of winter we have yet to encounter this year

50 degrees today will be 0 on Wednesday, and the calls for the end of this “global warming” talk will be at an annual high

A snowball’s chance to survive in hell brings no new commentary to the discussion

The entire planet is getting hotter. There is a new monthly record high being set every month

There was a very public warning in the 1970’s that Earth would be entering a cooling period. This has a large portion of an entire generation feeling bamboozled

Logic should dictate that the fact that the cooling period was coming, and the opposite happened, would indicate that the climate is really in deep trouble. These folks aren’t considering that the cooling period was supposed to have already started. That we are heating up despite that fact, should be a wake-up call

Sadly, this result is treated as a justification to mistrust ALL climate science instead of as a truly dire situation worth a high investment of resources into figuring out solutions. The situation is already beyond the point of no return given our current technological capabilities, however, wealthy people in the US used to die from Aids, so there is a solution to be found if we worked on it hard enough.

The moon was once unreachable but when we dedicated ourselves to it, we conquered the crap out of it like American settlers

In the current climate (pun intended), many Americans feel like they have no one to trust but their own circles. To many of them, the jury is still out on the cause, if they even acknowledge it as happening at all.

This ignorance is being exploited by elected leadership, perpetuated by propaganda packaged as news, and leads to the questioning of the motives of legitimate scientists. This tends to happen the most by religious groups and conspiracy nuts who only want to help muddy the waters in order to make their “deeply held beliefs” more possible

This doesn’t end with Mike Efin Brown writing an editorial about it. Once again, we trickle down to one solution that is an uphill battle for our nation

Quality Education for Everyone

As long as all the privileged children’s parents keep taking their kids out of public schools and putting them in private ones, we will continue to see the 99% fall behind

As long as there is no one of influence or power left to push the local government into making their children’s schools meet their high standards, the “lesser” children are left to fend for themselves in a world full of budget cuts and underpaid teachers.

While parents with full time jobs, and little influence, are left struggling to spend what little time they have with their family on things other than their studies or class conditions, the very wealthy have the time and influence to ensure they have the best education for their children, protected from diversity

If all kids of all financial backgrounds were made to go to the same schools, the quality of our schools would certainly go beyond what we tolerate presently

Unfortunately, with Betsy DeVos becoming our Secretary of Education, someone that believes in vouchers for kids to be able to take public funding from public schools to use on “private” schools, we are setting back our education even further

They sell the idea as allowing poor children to go to a nice, fancy private school. What they leave out is that most of these private schools are nowhere near these poor children’s homes. They are happy to build charter schools to assist. These are less like schools and more like For-Profit Prisons in that they pocket as much of the funding as possible, in lieu of spending it on the children

The Earth will survive without life on it. Many say we are arrogant to think that humans could have an effect on the Earth’s climate…

The ignorance of that thinking is what creates the arrogance that allows those that exploit the Earth to continue to get away with their crimes against our home planet

Whether this is “Hippie-Talk” or not doesn’t change the thinness of our atmosphere anymore than the fragility of the ecosystems we keep mucking up

The animals’ ecosystems are not the only ones at risk. Look to the hundreds of pipelines that are still being constructed despite the fact that green, clean energy is available to replace fossil fuels now. We cannot continue to allow corporations, and their elected sellouts, to tell us we are powerless against the demand for the “Big Black Snake” to keep feeding itself on the blood of our children. Their future is at risk

Energy Transfer Partners isn’t going to share their profits with you, any more than they are going to allow other US companies to use their pipeline. That’s right, it’s mostly for themselves to be able to more easily sell their own crude to China.

If the risk of the Earth’s climate isn’t motivation enough, it should bother you that all this is being done, at our expense, for the benefit of a few billionaires and China. It won’t help our economy

Reality in Education and in Life will lead to greater accountability for all of the world’s citizens. The citizens’ interests over the interests of the corporate elite is what will change the world for the better. When the few must answer to the many, we will take back our world for the next several generations. The educated are empowered. Imagine if all races and levels of income could feel this empowerment

There are several million underprivileged children beginning Kindergarten every year, excited for the chance to learn math and reading, only to find out they are just going to a poorly supervised, day-time prison. A waiting area for many children who are only going to end up in a real prison as their opportunities dry up, or are never presented to them

The Lack of Enlightenment is Killing our Progressive Future

We Can Do Better

A new Age of Enlightenment is needed for all of us. If we continue to scrimp on education for the poor and middle class, the results will lead to our destruction as a species



Should the Energy Transfer Partners Executive’s graves be open to Protest?

According to DailyMail.com, the Vets have arrived at Standing Rock and they have already begun to recover some of the Water Protectors’ stolen canoes from the police. According to the ACLU, Obama’s federal force of National Guards, along with state police from 76 different law enforcement agencies, from 10 different states, have been using many forms of intimidation against Native American residents and Water Protectors alike.


Of the many tactics used (many that we’ve reported already), there are some under-reported tactics that have been reported by the residents of the camp. These include the Police and/or Oil Security stealing, and in many cases, destroying private property. Reports of them committing acts of vandalism on private property and of the theft of many canoes that were on the banks of the Turtle Island burial grounds are beginning to grow.

The same burial grounds that police insist on standing upon right in the faces of their historically marginalized ancestors.


We would never suggest that anyone desecrate any deceased American’s grave sites. One has to wonder how the C-level executives at Energy Transfer Partners (full list found here) would feel if Water Protectors showed up to stand on, and block access to Chairman & C.E.O., Kelcy L. Warren’s parent’s graves. How would President & C.O.O, Matthew S. Ramsey do with this type of insult to his parent’s and grandparent’s final resting places? Ask the Westboro Church about how it made them feel…

Credit: The Satanist Temple performing a same-sex ritual at the grave site of Westboro Church founder Fred Phelps’ mother, Catherine Johnston

An act this brazen might finally get their attention, but this would be stooping to their level. We don’t condone this action, but sticking in hyperbole, this would be the next logical step to showing the super wealthy that they are not untouchable from the rabble, the masses, and the underprivileged, that they resent so much. The police can protect the rich and their property for only so long. Ask the French about that…

The above is a quick video describing the French Revolution, but I have to point out that there is 0 evidence that Marie Antoinette ever said, “Let them eat cake”.

Stay Efin peaceful my friends

Energy Transfer Partners Chairman and C.E.O., Kelcy L. Warren