Jeeping in Colorado with John Gratz




OK Go partners with Morton’s Salt charity for Epic Music Video

[OK Go with their latest music video]

These guys ALWAYS deliver the goods when there is a need to express their music in an innovative way. Typically with the use of the latest filming technology and camera work that has set more standards than tapping into them.

As if you needed another reason to watch, this release was created as part of a charity drive from Morton’s Salt, called #WalkHerWalk.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“As part of this campaign, Morton has partnered with organizations including GirlForward, which supports adolescent refugee girls through mentoring and educational programs; and ProjectArt, which offers art classes at public libraries around the nation.”

The video is great on its own, but the cause attached brings it to a whole new level of enjoyment.


Newly Discovered Footage Shows Sanders Getting Arrested For “Resisting Arrest”

While Hillary was out campaigning for a Segregationist Republican, Bernie was out there, fighting for civil rights. Authenticity is what you get when you #FeelTheBern
Tell the masses to stop sticking up for people that believe they are only obligated to those Millionaires and Billionaires that donated to their campaigns once they get your votes. You know what you are getting with Bernie “Efin” Sanders.
It’s Time for a Political Revolution.

God’s Top 10 Life Hacks


This is very funny, but it also addresses some of the more barbaric life-hacks found in the “unchanging, ever-relevant, word of God”

Including an apparent lack of care, and even instructions for aborting or killing, unborn (and recently born) children.

Can we finally determine this whole thing mythology on the same level as Greek Mythology? Can’t we just try to figure out how to be good, modern humans for the sake of progress for all of humanity?