The American Abortion Conspiracy

So after watching this video, what do you think? Are legalized abortions part of a conspiracy created by Nixon and his cohorts?

Kitty TinEfin’s assessment: Very unlikely. You could just as easily argue that legal abortions allow wealthy women a chance to reset their life when she makes a mistake. It benefits all instead of insisting that all (or all of a minority) partake. Abortions are not forced and are the result of unwanted pregnancies and not the parental murder of someone’s child because they were compelled by pressure from the government to choose to abort it.

Our focus should be on preventing unwanted pregnancies from before conception. No, I’m not really referring to the failed policies of teaching abstinence in all cases. I’m referring to sex education that is based in reality. Free birth control for all women and/or men that want it. It seems too simple to ignore…but that’s just my opinion.



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