John 3:16 | What it is really saying

One of the most popular bible verses broken down with logic by GrapplingIgnorance

Enjoy it, Debate it, Watch it alone, in a closet safe from friends and family who might shun you for daring to think….whatever works best for you. Just please watch it.


One thought on “John 3:16 | What it is really saying

  1. I normally like this guys thoughts.

    But this one, I just don’t agree with his logical conclusion.

    He is usually well thought out, doesn’t offend, and has a very insightful opinion. This one seems more anti-dogmatic. Even to the point of belittling those that draw upon faith. Which if that was the goal. He did it right.

    I thought he had a good point right at the beginning. But his rational leaps don’t draw to the same conclusion for everyone. They only draw from his own logical conclusion and those like minded to him.

    I could have many points and counter thoughts. But he makes it clear he would not accept any other argument then his own and therefore it is irrational. Yet, he doesn’t explore the line of thinking other then to say it’s irrational. That is the equivalent, of me telling someone NOT to think about what it means to become baptized, or believe as a Christian to begin with. If someone wants you to believe, or even rationally think something “just because I said it is rational” then we are in a terrible place.

    I do understand that some Christians have a “JUST DO IT” attitude. In some ways, how can they not. If our souls were truly on the line. We should be willing to jump in front of a buss, or maybe hope that the buss would just disappear as he says God can do.

    Anyway, he had a great point, and tripped about 2/3 of the way through and didn’t stand back up. I have no doubt that people will cheer him on for his opinion. Why wouldn’t they? But it is off the beaten path from the well thought out, level headed, rational convincing that he normally draws from.

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