Efin’s 1-Line Poem of the Day

I have to figure out how to go deep into the “not giving a f*ck” pool without getting caught up in its eternal undertow of stoicism.


Hold on for one more day….


A Fine Time for a Rhyme

A fine time for a rhyme

Everything should be going fine, with nothing left about to whine

A good paying job, a wife, a mostly happy life

Health Insurance paid, an occasional marital lay

Privacy in my home, my own helicopter drone

Cats that seem to love me, or who love what I give them for free

Yet, enui is abundant, and my career redundant

I should be content with the money they’ve spent

Accepting the disrespect with grace, the money keeps me in my place

Yet the satisfaction is lacking, so a new plan is unpacking

I will take control of my life, I have a strong business partner for a wife

Corporate indentured servitude is safe, but can make a free spirit’s soul chafe

Break free and live a life with some risks, or to stay safe with only the occasional anal frisk

The picture painted may invoke a depressing image, but I am still in a good spot thanks to my pigmentless privilege

Everything is going to be great, with so much life to live on my plate

Nothing will change until you go all in, simply complaining will never allow you to win


points to ponder