The Credibility of Faith

video by DarkMatter2525

This video portrays many of the reasons I began to question my own religion as a child. If someone from thousands of years ago could have their religion proven completely false by simply climbing a mountain, what made mine any more credible? It turns out that the more we’ve learned as humans, even just while I’ve been alive, there is less room for a God to exist. Once we turn the lights on to see what the mysterious noises are in the dark, we realize we have less and less to fear things of supernatural origin. The noise is a deer eating flowers, not a demon looking to consume my flesh. I know this because I shined a light on it instead of hiding in the safety of my home and accepting what my mind conceived to be real. Once someone told me Santa was a lie, what made anything else I had been raised to believe in credible? Religion is used by parents to wield control over their children like Santa and the Tooth Fairy are used to scare children into behaving properly. The problem is that these kids are never told when they grow up, that there is no God or Jesus. So then adults begin to make decisions based on these beliefs and not on their own life experiences or observations of the world as it is.

There is a God but He exists only in our own minds. It’s something to make us feel like we don’t have to worry about death or anything that is happening in this life. Simply because it will all be taken care of later or by someone else that is running the show. Meanwhile, 99% of people are sad at funerals. If you really believe, why do cry for your loved ones? They are getting to go to eternal paradise. I think that most people no longer believe in their own religions after a while, but feel compelled by fear of shame or by lingering superstitious fear to just keep going along with it. Meanwhile, people are using it to manipulate those that identify with a particular religion to increase their own wealth, power, influence, to win elections, to justify bigotry, to justify ungodly acts of violence and oppression.

There was no evidence of Zeus after they climbed the mountain and no God of the sky when we learned to fly in and above it. There is no God watching us. We are our own God and are therefore responsible for all that happens in our world and in our lives that is controllable by humans.

When we die, there will be nothing to greet us, but what we leave behind will be what defines our divinity and eternity. I’ve learned that my morality is up to me to maintain. The true test of a moral person is how they act when they think no one (including a God or Angels or Demons) is watching them. How will you treat someone when there is no reward for you immediately, later or after you die? Will you pick up that trash no one saw you drop? This is what measures a truly good person. This is what makes you divine. If you are only moral because you think you are being watched 24/7, then are you truly more moral than an atheist who is good when they think no one is watching and no reward waits for them in the afterlife? Some things to ponder…




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