Top Ten Creationist Arguments



One thought on “Top Ten Creationist Arguments

  1. Unfortunately. This video is an enormous cherry pick on Christian scientific debate. The actual “Christian science” books I used to study simply said, the world was created as it was intended. No stretching of science, no disbelief of it.

    I am not going to debate the evidence or even the overwhelming lack of evidence that people point to for certain historical moments such as a flood vs non-flood.

    Almost all to none of these arguments are actually non-relevant to Christian science debate. The only pointed one, is admittedly, carbon dating. But even I know that it isn’t the only method available.

    If Christians are using Hitler as a debate for creationism, then, I suppose we deserve all the negative feedback we can get. To lump us all into a category though, is Homeric at best. (Yes, I intended to say homeric.)

    One hashing or hazing I would like to point out. Is just because a scientific community pointedly says that there is a lack of acceptance of God. Doesn’t mean that they themselves are equally as archaic or as hypocritical as the previous generations holders of science personal beliefs in a God shunning those who do not believe in one.

    I am sure right now, we look at those brilliant men of their era 200 years ago, who did all their computations by hand with little of the tools available today and say “barbarians.” Similarly, what will the scientific community say 200 years from now, reviewing our interpretation of how we see things and do things now in a spy glass. Will they critique us and laugh out the fact that we couldn’t settle differences? Or will they again, use it as a fuel to bash the scientific minority?

    We may know as much as we ever have. But we are still only as mentally developed as how we were at our earliest point in documented human history. To me, that is the greatest argument for creation, I can personally think of. If only for my personal lol factor.

    Until our brains “evolve” past this silliness.



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