I’m Coming Out of the Closet. An open letter to family and friends

Adam W. Kelley has inspired me with his recent post where he came out about a personal issue that he’s owning.

He “came out” if you will, but not in “that” way.

I’m sure some people have had an idea with some of my posts, but I have been dancing around and not directly declaring it openly. Ok, here goes…

I am an atheist. I am not 100% sure there is no God but I have found no reason to believe in one either. That could change if one is proven to exist, but I have done a lot of personal research and introspective and this is where I am at. I had a preacher for a father at one point and learned the Bible inside and out. It is not because I haven’t had it explained the right way, and it is not because I haven’t given it a chance. It’s not because of childhood trauma, it’s not because religion hurt me. It is simply that I can’t find anything to show that any one religion is the right religion and every other one that ever existed or currently exists, got it wrong. These religions, holy books, ideas, morals, all existed and were created without a deity’s hand. Each of them can be traced back to being created by people. Why is the one I believe in any different? There were religions before mine…there will be some after. No one can prove they talk to God or that anyone ever has without blind faith. This is what troubled me.

This is not something that we easily come to as a decision. It’s a very long path of doubt and discovery. I find that all things exist and can exist without a God. However, I am not trying to convince anyone of anything with this. I will not pick on you or try to shame you. You are still my friends and family and I respect you. I respect that you have beliefs. I do not have to respect your beliefs nor do I have to accept them as fact without any evidence. That said, I’m still not going to attack anyone. Religious people are actually the vast majority. Taking this step is actually casting me into a growing but small minority. I will defend my research and self-discovery if challenged, but I am not looking to actively be an Anti-Theist. Atheism is not Anti-Theism. It is the answer to One Question: Do you believe in the existence of Gods or a God?

I no longer do. I need evidence. This won’t change my moral compass. I am not scared of eternal punishment from a supposed paternal figure. That is not why I am a good person. It is not from fear. I still have to answer to the society that I live in. You don’t need church to do that but I understand why some enjoy church. So it is all good on whatever you want to do in your churches or homes or any other non-government affiliated establishment or event. I will not shame you for praying in public. Do your thing, just respect that I will not be joining you and that doesn’t make me a bad person. I will defend your right to freedom of religion to the death, but that includes freedom from religion. We can have mutual respect and Americans can live together in peace in this way.

This video (two parts) is showing someone else that had a similar experience to me that is worded better than I could in a short amount of time.

about 30 seconds in, this woman (on the left) explains how she changed her mind from being a believer to becoming an atheist. She did it in a very similar way to how I began to question the church, and then the bible, and then Jesus, and then the existence of God himself.


or Block me if you must 🙂 Just remember, I love you no matter what you believe in. Life is short and VERY precious. Appreciate it every chance you get. I am not going to worry about the “WHY we are here” and focus more on the “HEY, WE ARE HERE. How AMAZING. I am so lucky to be able to briefly exist in the Universe in a conscience way, where I can understand my place in it, beyond my surrounding habitat”

It really is not a miserable existence at all without having to worry about a potential after-life that no one has ever been able to confirm exists. It is really quite beautiful and makes me appreciate my life and the beauty in the Earth all that much more. Peace be with you.


Mike Brown
Efin, Esq.


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