Should the American Territories be Allowed to Vote?

It’s hard to justify preventing them from voting after watching this video.


3 thoughts on “Should the American Territories be Allowed to Vote?

  1. To chime in. I think they should at least be granted citizenship. But statehood? That’s a complicated matter.

    Even citizenship I feel can be construed as complicated. When you look at those stats though. They are more patriotic then we are.


    • That is an incredibly complicated question. Should they have a vote. Why when you put it in the way presented in the video…..absolutely.

      But when we say “allowed to vote” what are we saying? Votes aren’t done by popular majority in this country. We would have to make them a state, giving them weight in the electoral college, and then on top of this, additional seats in the house and senate.

      Now, I think a seat in the house or senate is not unreasonable. But participating in the presidency vote is a very complicated matter without statehood with the way the system currently is setup.

      So, I guess my point is, yes, it is as easy as waving a wand and granting them all the aforementioned rights. Should they be allowed to vote in a greater representation then they currently do? Yes.

      The challenge with making it a state, and then citizenry, is that territories like Okinawa can be given back. To me, establishing a state there would mean that we would potentially want an even greater military economic presence there because after all, it is US dirt, not just US territory. (If it becomes a state.)

      I hope I am making sense. I certainly think they should have a capacity to have their voices heard and not be sub human as the law states. Certainly doing nothing is not the answer I want to give. But is going all the way up to statehood the answer? Possibly.


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