8 Cops vs. 1 Innocent Man


All Charges were dropped against this innocent man. You can hear one of the cops at 7:52 in the video above, warning the other uniformed gang members that the camera is on:

“Officer Kelli Swinton approaches Burkemper’s patrol car. There is the sound of an opening car door, and she loudly declares: “Hold up. Hold up, y’all. Hold up. Hold up, everybody, hold up. We’re red right now, so if you guys are worried about cameras, just wait.”

The audio cuts out, and the video ends eight seconds later.

In response to an open records request, City Counselor Winston Calvert released the same video on Friday, plus views from other dash cams.

One shows that after Burkemper’s camera stopped, officers continued to huddle around Bufford. That camera shuts off, too, leaving a gap of more than two minutes before Bufford is seen on it again, stumbling and falling once as he’s taken to a police vehicle. Other videos show unrelated scenes and both Bufford and his passenger sitting inside vehicles.

Lawyers for Cortez Bufford now claim that Bufford was brutally assaulted once all of the cameras were turned off—leaving him hardly able to walk. No matter what happened, this much is clear—the officers on the scene believed it was in their best interest to turn the cameras off and they had their own language (we’re red) for communicating when they were being filmed. This didn’t seem to be the first filming rodeo for any of them.

For 10 months, the mayor of St. Louis and the St. Louis police have worked to conceal this video knowing full well that it creates a negative image of their department and their work to remain on the up and up with the public. Yes, dash cams and body cameras are essential, but if any video has ever proven the need for real policies on how they are managed, it’s this.”

-The Daily Kos



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