No Titles Handed Out in the World Of Cementry

Grab the bricks, stack them up…the foreman said. His gaze never leaving the plans laid on his desk for his worker platoon

What makes him in charge of me? I wondered….we both grew up together. Neither of us had the silver spoon

I went to brick laying school, majored in Cementry. He has a diploma from High School only…How can he be ahead of me?

Too scared to voice it, all I can do is relent….

Why don’t I just do my job? Why do I only resent?

What about him could it be? What is it that makes him better than me?

A hot sun today. The humidity has peaked

What’s the foreman doing now? My thoughts told my eyes to seek

While we are laying the bricks, the foreman is inside with the client conditioned with air

Why should we listen to him? Why should we care?

I deserve his job because of my degree. Cementry is something you learn in books. I paid for my new pedigree

A long day of work goes by, I see my co-worker, Jeremy

He did way more with his brick stacking today than me

What happened to you, he asked. You used to stack with the best and not care

You must have something weighing heavy on your mind. Probably something you should share

So I told him what I thought about the foreman and all I had perceived

No comforting look from Jeremy….no indications of sympathy; nothing to put me at ease

When I finished, he asked me, Do you know why he’s in charge and you’re still a low -level slob?

While you went to school and theorized about cement, he was out here laying the bricks….he was doing your job

A degree is one thing, but not a replacement for job experience and gumption

Stop worrying about the Foreman, he earned his function

Your school is important, but don’t get it twisted

You are not being screwed over, though you may, at the end of the day, feel fisted

Your piece of paper. while an achievement

Makes you hire-able, and makes you a brick layer decent

Until you have laid as many bricks as us, swallow that grievance

You are too new and have no reason to feel any malfeasance

Tomorrow, try watching the bricks as hard as the man in charge

Show you can do the lowest job better than anyone else; make the differences large

When you have done what he has done

In a half-dozen of the hottest Summer suns

When you’ve proven your worth, that is when your school and experience will allow you to scoff

Until then, stack bricks like the rest of us or take that piece of paper and fuck right off

That makes sense, I will stack bricks tomorrow with increasing effort

School makes me wise but I still need to work hard for my dessert

Rewards are given because of what you do, not just what you know

Knowledge is a seed, but takes lots of sun to grow

So get outside and pick up a brick

Stop crying about your degree and stop being a prick

No titles are handed out in the world of Cementry

Eventually, you’ll get what you deserve but it’s not given for free

It can’t be bought either, not with money, nor by being the boss’s pet

Your time to be Foreman is coming, you just haven’t earned it yet


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