Jibber Jabber or What HE might say to us now….


The internal wounds go deep for the man who hates those he’s never met

If you learn to love all of yourself inside and out, you would find that only hatred perpetrated by others, is left to hate

Joy is the knowledge of nothing, Hate comes from narrow, filtered viewpoints; from those that close their minds and think they have all the wisdom there is left to obtain. Those are the abominations of humanity. Those that think they know everything have closed access to the source of greater intelligence. By remaining content in your limited understanding, you leave your soul thirsty. When the soul thirsts, and you choose not to quench it, your bigotry and hatred will be all that anyone remembers about you when you perish from this life. You feel better about yourself while talking down about others, and you might get a “right on” from some other sad and wounded moron, but you will find that no one mourns your passing. Bubba will not be at your funeral….You are endangered for a species, and yet the most dangerous species that remains. Your days are numbered.


Peace today can only be obtained through greater knowledge and tolerance. Shame those that choose to prey on other’s pain and ignorance. No one knows anything for sure. Definitely not YOU….

Why do most religious people cry at funerals….how can they really believe in what they say they do if they are certain they are better off dead than alive? Shouldn’t they be in celebration?

lebanon in mourning 14

It’s time to remove the barriers that prevent humanity from growing. Superstitious barriers control your decisions and thoughts without sense being given a chance to make an appearance. Sense can be made common if you allow it.


Freedom means to decide one’s own lifestyles as long as they harm no others in their practice. For example, unless their face is still not shaved from Movember, you cannot determine the difference between a man or woman’s oral embrace when the lights are turned off. Therefore it is no more immoral for two men or two women to perform among consenting adults. Since when is what two straight people do together, when no one is watching, not as “perverted” as what homosexuals do? You love who you love….sex is such a small part of what makes someone who they are.

There are no violent religions only violent people.

Christianity has been hijacked by extremists as often as Islam

In the US, it’s been hijacked by racists, politicians, and snake oil salesmen who wish to control the actions of others. In other parts of the world, this is no less true.

Keep your Church out of our State. They have no business being associated in any way. You can’t legislate morality anymore than you can get rid of something people want through prohibition.

Mind your business….

We all have a short time on this planet, surely you have more you’d like to do with that time than try to control what others choose to do with theirs.



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