The Noise of Silence

get well

The noise drowns out coherent thoughts in the brain

Noise I cause, noise that gives me pause, in feeling pain

If I make the mix of random directions go parallel

How much of me would still exist? Would what makes me who I am be in peril?

Focus, at a cost of what could be lost

By giving in each time thinking is too hard

To have relief from anxiety by taking a medicine that is proprietary

Allows me to live without fear of losing control

In public or at home where happiness is the only cop on patrol

Has it made me better by pushing panic to the curb?

It has, and I no longer feel weak but still I’m perturbed

To admit I have panic attacks and anxiety for no good reason

Labels me as lesser or defective; silent judgment abounds; ignorance is open season

I no longer feel shame for being dealt this affliction

To take the silent whispers and turn them into open diction

Empowers myself and others to endure the stigma of imperfect mental health

Is the noise all gone? Am I still myself?

The noise is turned down, one of my weaknesses diminished

I am Mike Efin Brown and my silence is finished


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