The Beginning of the Commencement of the Genesis of the Start of

Greetings Friends, Family and Fellow Humans I have not met…..

I received enough positive pressure to start this blog. I wanted to make sure people would actually want to read it. I also have been craving a chance to write creatively for an audience. I seem to require motivation from an audience to share any creative part of myself.

Facebook lately, I’ve unleashed a bit of myself on you. A special thanks to my family and friends for enduring my outrage at the political and social issues going on presently. There is more to me than that person who wants to invoke positive change in this world….There is Michael Robert Brown

The boy who grew into a man’s body found himself an adult, ill equipped to have any opinions on the world. When I was free of childhood, I was thrown into the deep end of the pool and had to learn to swim. That man-boy evolved further with life experiences shaping his view. While he will never know everything, he seeks to learn as much as possible in order to be an informed resource to those seeking knowledge in their reality…but there’s more than that. There’s the inside of the hard shell that you see. He also seems to start speaking of himself in the third person randomly….

This blog is to share some of what makes me who I am. It will likely contain silly, non sequiturs that may or may not contain deeper meaning. Many of those have NO deep meaning as you will see, however, I’m told that it’s amusing to read.

Try to remember that this is for entertainment before criticizing or assuming I feel one way or another about something. We are all so much more complex than how we feel about any single issue. I will try to remember the same when I consider your viewpoints. And with that…..I will post something new very shortly. I have to work for a living until this “writing thing” takes off 😉


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